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The other day, my son decided he did not want to come inside.  My husband wanted to mow the lawn, and he didn’t want our son in the way, so he brought him inside.  For the entire time that my husband was mowing the lawn, our son was laying on the floor by the door throwing a temper tantrum, screaming that he wanted to go outside.  I tried to bribe him with a sucker to get him off the floor, to no avail.  HE WANTED OUTSIDE!

Finally, I just let him be, keeping an eye on him to make sure he didn’t hurt himself.  Now, we had a friend over at the time, and all I could think was that she must think I’m a terrible mother, just letting my son thrash around on the floor like that throwing a tantrum.  It took A LONG TIME, but finally he started quieting down, and I was able to get him to sit in my lap with a sucker.  Tantrum complete!

Now, I have heard several different things when it comes to children throwing tantrums, and at one point in time, I have tried them all.  But it is hard!!!!  I would be grateful for any suggestions or recommendations from other mothers out there!

One thought on “Tantrums

    Julie said:
    May 27, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    I think you did just fine.


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